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Be An Affiliate Of Happiness!


We are Bean and Big (also known as Sherry and Rex) and it is our privilege to work with you to help you achieve your dreams and success. It’s wonderful that you’ve decided to discover what we do and want to be working closely with us. This is the first step on the journey to ultimately live the life you want to live!

With our experience as an entrepreneur, we’ve learned through hard work and finding what works (vs. what doesn’t)  that there are a number of keys to businesses success and striking that elusive work-life balance that we all deserve.

Allow us to repeat that: 

You deserve success. We can show you how.

Keys to Success

As you know, life gets chaotic very quickly when our priorities are out of alignment. I believe there are three keys to success: Faith, Family, and Freedom in business—all in that exact order. 


As a member of our team, we understand that it is our enduring faith that guides our lives and gives us the strength to take on life’s challenges.


Whenever we ask someone what their “why” is for wanting to start a new business, it always goes back to family and being happy. 


Our time is so limited on this journey. Instead of working countless hours for someone else (making their dreams come true), it’s time that you seize the day, take charge, and finally attain the freedom to work from anywhere you wish.

Think of the possibilities: 

  • Freedom to have more time with your family. 
  • Go to those soccer games and dance recitals. 
  • Take those long overdue family vacations! 

We believe that you do need to work hard, but working smart is equally important! We are YOUR team. We are not responsible for you. We are responsible to you. 

Who You Are

This path isn’t open to just anyone. The fact that you’re reading this shows that you have the potential to radically shift your life for the better: 

  • We want to work with motivated, unique individuals that want to nurture important business connections.
  • We are looking for PASSIONATE people with a burning desire to create a better future. 
  • We are looking for creative individuals who recognize that the traditional path could mean a lifetime of inflexibility, missed opportunities, and financial limitation.

* * *

Have you ever wondered about what your life could be if the right opportunity showed up in your life? This is it!

If so, we’d love the opportunity connect with you, discover your unique mission, and what steps you need to achieve your dreams. Click the link below to get started! or